Basketball Ball Review

Basketball Ball Review

My family and I came to Chicago from India on Jan 21, 1995. In the 20 years since, I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on all types of Basketball basketballs. And using them all taught me some interesting things.

Ray Allen Jump Shot

how ray allen shoots his jump shot

Ray Allen’s fluid jump shot is the model form for basketball instructors and talking heads to exemplify marksman shooting. This is the jump shot that has helped Ray Ray nail big time 3s in clutch moments. Like the Celtics’ comebacks in the 2008 playoffs.

Kobe Bryant Jump Shot

learn how to shoot kobe bryant's jump shot

While Kobe’s shot looks like a mimic of Jordan’s jump shot form, it should be noted that that’s not why he consistently gets buckets, but because he’s mastered the form that’s apt for him and for the physics of basketball.

Steph Curry Jump Shot

jump shots like steph curry's

We all know about Steph Curry’s ridiculous jumper, but did you know that in high school, he had to change his form altogether? Like many small(er) guards who have difficulty getting a clean shot off against tighter, taller defenders because they shoot from the hip, literally, Steph Curry came to a crossroads.

7 Traits of Remarkably Productive Basketball Shooting Workouts

basketball shooting workouts.jpg

Shooting is the thing that everyone loves to practices and the time most practice workouts center around. Productive shooting practices, like practice of any endeavors, aren’t counted by the time spent in the gym or the number of shots taken and made, but by the quality of the workout, as gauged by the simulation of in-game situations.

Basketball Shooting Technique & Form

basketball shooting techniques and forms

A search for the most perfect technique or the most proper form in shooting a basketball is the most popular on Google by basketball players – guards, forwards and bigs – worldwide, likely stemming from the common textbook advice: that a perfect form and technique is the way to accurate shooting. Examples like the postures of Ray Allen, Kyle Korver and Steph Curry are then dissected and recommended for aspiring marks(wo)men to replicate through practice.

Basketball Shooting Types

basketball shooting types chart

1 point, 2 points and 3 points. All 3 results comes from different types and times of shooting the basketball during a game. Here are the most common shooting types

Michael Jordan Jump Shot

michael jordan's jump shot completed his offensive game

Jordan over time used the negativity to put and keep himself in the gym and work on his greatest perceived weakness and throughout his career, he became a better, smarter and more effective shooter from the mid-range and beyond.

Shawn Marion Jumper

Shawn Marion jump shot

For all the ridicule Shawn Marion gets for sticking his butt out on his jump shot, he’s always, especially in the Phoenix and Dallas years, remained a legitimate shooting and scoring threat as a combo forward who could not only play all-team defense against the opposition’s best guards and forwards and even centers, but one that could also stretch the floor and create opportunities for point guards like Steve Nash and Jason Kidd.

Basketball Shooting Skills

basketball shooting skills

Shooting is the most essential basketball skill because it directly causes scoring which determines outcomes of games. Beyond the obvious, remember that even skills such as passing and ball handling, the possession ends with a shot, one that must be converted for all those skills to matter. Good individual shooting, therefore, is a useful team skill because it enables opens up for floor for the entire offense to do their thing. It creates space, which keeps defenders from double-teaming your playmakers.