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ECBA Hoops is a Chicago-based startup that offers sporting goods and creative content to prevent the amateur / casual ballers – the average professional – from quitting playing ball in his or her 20s. Learn more.



Find and appreciate the little things about the game, and you’ll keep playing ball no matter how old or busy you get.



Improve your favorite skill by your own metrics, and basketball increases your capacity to take on more life challenges.



Integrate 5-10 hours of gym time into your regular routine, and basketball can teach you how to balance your home, work and play.



Zoom in on the subtle basketball happenings, and basketball helps you sharpen leadership qualities such as listening, self-awareness and a growth mindset.

Favorite Skills: Jump Shooting.

Favorite Skills presents:

Let it Fly: How to Shoot a Basketball

Let It Fly is a series of articles that break down the many components that go into proper basketball shooting. While most casual players don’t need to dive into the advanced concepts, fundamentals and training drills as much as pro ball players do, we can learn from the best and apply the lessons into our own game and train at our own pace.

Through reading books, researching sports science, interviewing players, trainers and coaches of all levels and sharing unique stories about why people love to shoot, we help casual players appreciate and develop their own jump shot.

Learn How to Shoot a Basketball properly.