How to Make Layups in Basketball

how kyrie always makes layups

Layup Workout: The Mikan Drill Lay-ups are jump shots but from point-blank range (3-5 feet around the rim). Making more lay-up helps you become a better shooter: your overall shooting accuracy goes up, your concentration improves, and your confidence in making baskets increases. But since layups are easier to make, and not as spectacular as 30-foot Steph Curry

What’s the BEEF Concept?

BEEF is a memorable acronym that describes the ideal shooting mechanics, from start to finish. B is for Balance. E is for Elbows. E is for Eyes. F is for Follow-through. This is a quick 4-step process that you can check off against during games you can’t find your shot. Chances are your error lies

Basketball Shooting Technique & Form

A search for the most perfect technique or the most proper form in shooting a basketball is the most popular on Google by basketball players – guards, forwards and bigs – worldwide, likely stemming from the common textbook advice: that a perfect form and technique is the way to accurate shooting. Examples like the postures of Ray Allen, Kyle Korver and Steph Curry are then dissected and recommended for aspiring marks(wo)men to replicate through practice.

Basketball Shooting Types

basketball shooting types chart

1 point, 2 points and 3 points. All 3 results comes from different types and times of shooting the basketball during a game. Here are the most common shooting types

How to Dribble & Become Better Ball Handler

How to Dribble like AI

How to Dribble & Handle the Basketball Better Good ball handling skills are essential to becoming a good basketball player, especially for perimeter players like guards and forward. The key to successful offense is to keep the defense off balance at all times and to protect the basketball.  Players who have the ability to dribble

How to become a better rebounder

Mastering the art of rebounding the basketball is a combination of positioning, blocking out, effectively reading the carom of the basketball and desire. Great rebounders like Charles Barkley, Moses Malone, Kevin Love and Tim Duncan aren’t born; they are made through hard work, intensity and an innate understanding of positioning and where the ball is likely headed. The best rebounders are not always the biggest or most athletic players on the court.

How to become a better passer and playmaker

Becoming an effective passer, like an effective basketball shooter, an understanding of spacing and effectively finding open teammates, and developing solid court vision. The great passers, players such as Steve Nash, Ricky Rubio and Lebron James seem to have a sixth sense that gives them the ability to see the play as it develops.  Of course

What’s the English in Basketball?

Monta Ellis Applying English to Reverse Layup

English in basketball is the sidespin you apply to the basketball when you go up for layups. If you’re on the right side, but you extend for the layup on the left side, you need to add sidespin so that the ball boomerangs back into the basket. If you’re under or behind the backboard, the easiest

60 Life Lessons from Shooting the Basketball for 20 Years

Learning to Love 1) The love for the game starts and develops at home, whether with a Nerf hoop in the bedroom, an adjustable Little Tykes hoop in the basement or the Huffy portable system in the driveway. Familiarize yourself or your kid with a ball, a hoop and a habit of making easy baskets one