Heidi G. Halvorson On the Science of Perception & The Unrealized Biases Existing between Fans and Athletes

No One Understands You and What to do about it

This book, backed with a century of research in the social psychology of human perception, explains how you think others see you, how they really see you, and how you see them. An important read for sports fans, because it’s time we stop blaming the click-hungry media and the athletes in the spotlights for their influence in our judgment. We can finally look, internally, at our own human flaws and our cognitive biases to help us read people, their words and their actions the way they, genuinely, intend for us to.

Dick Devenzio On “Stuff Good Basketball Players Should Know”

STUFF Good Players Know - Intelligent Basketball - Dick Devenzio

Here are 23 tips, in no particular order, that I jotted down in the first read of STUFF Good Players Should Know by the late and great Dick Devenzio. There are hundreds more nuggets of wisdom and dozens of acronyms for any ball player to learn and memorize all-around basketball fundamentals. Just reading this book will make