ShotLoc: The Basketball Shooting Aid used by Steph Curry

Problem: Form follows function, but novice players aim for function before fully correcting and memorizing form. Coaches and players too often believe that increasing repetitions will make up for the improper techniques, but all that does is reinforce bad habits. Start at the root of your shooting problems. Get the Shotloc to:

  • Strengthen flick of the shot, in order to increase backspin
  • Improve arc on the shot, in order to increase accuracy
  • Depend less on palms and more on finger pads and wrist, in order to improve trajectory


Science proves that the ShotLoc can improve your jump shot. Even Steph Curry trains with it.

The Solution behind the problem of improper shooting technique, specifically the shot release

The Shotloc shooting device, a foam knuck, corrects your technique at fingers, hands and wrist levels. If you practice with it, it’ll prevent:

  • Flicking hand to the side
  • Pinching the fingers together at release
  • Pushing or shot-putting the ball
  • Poor or no backspin
  • Shooting with two hands
  • Thumbing the ball at release

The Shotloc improves:

  • Strength of your flick and therefore, the backspin on the shot
  • Control / trajectory of your shot so you can aim right down the middle
  • Your arc so you can hit different types of shots with higher accuracy
  • Unintended side benefit: dribbling and ball handling, as it prevents palming.

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