Basketball Never Stops, So Neither Should You

Leave basketball retirement for the pros. You have nothing to lose. Just go to the gym from time to time. Find your own incentives for wanting to play. Find a skill you love working on that feels effortlessly and chip away at it. Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no point. Use this skill, use the game, use the competition as your creative outlet.

Next time you play pickup or competitive ball, look at the oldest guy in the gym and watch him outwork, outsmart and outplay the kids with more energy, talent and ability. Those kids are in their younger glory days, which won’t last long. That wise guy, however, will have a whole life of it, because he will have done what most of his peers won’t have: keep on hoopin’ on.

He has the growth mindset, while the others are fixated and because of it, he will continue to learn and get better, little by little, over decades of time, and no one will even notice, because they are stuck in their thoughts.