What’s the English in Basketball?

Monta Ellis Applying English to Reverse Layup

English in basketball is the sidespin you apply to the basketball when you go up for layups. If you’re on the right side, but you extend for the layup on the left side, you need to add sidespin so that the ball boomerangs back into the basket. If you’re under or behind the backboard, the easiest

60 Life Lessons from Shooting the Basketball for 20 Years

Learning to Love 1) The love for the game starts and develops at home, whether with a Nerf hoop in the bedroom, an adjustable Little Tykes hoop in the basement or the Huffy portable system in the driveway. Familiarize yourself or your kid with a ball, a hoop and a habit of making easy baskets one

How to Make Layups in Basketball

how kyrie always makes layups

Layup Workout: The Mikan Drill Lay-ups are jump shots but from point-blank range (3-5 feet around the rim). Making more lay-up helps you become a better shooter: your overall shooting accuracy goes up, your concentration improves, and your confidence in making baskets increases. But since layups are easier to make, and not as spectacular as 30-foot Steph Curry