What’s the BEEF Concept?

BEEF is a memorable acronym that describes the ideal shooting mechanics, from start to finish. B is for Balance. E is for Elbows. E is for Eyes. F is for Follow-through. This is a quick 4-step process that you can check off against during games you can’t find your shot. Chances are your error lies

Dick Devenzio On “Stuff Good Basketball Players Should Know”

STUFF Good Players Know - Intelligent Basketball - Dick Devenzio

Here are 23 tips, in no particular order, that I jotted down in the first read of STUFF Good Players Should Know by the late and great Dick Devenzio. There are hundreds more nuggets of wisdom and dozens of acronyms for any ball player to learn and memorize all-around basketball fundamentals. Just reading this book will make

ShotTracker Basketball Drill: 5-Spot Catch – Right Hand Pullup

This drill is called 5 Spot Catch – Right Hand. Start in the right corner. Stay low. Catch the ball. Give a game speed shot fake. Take two hard dribbles with your right hand. Rise up and take the shot then sprint back to your spot. You must make two shots before moving to the next spot on the floor. The five spots are the left corner, left wing, top of the key, right wing, and right corner. Always have confidence in your shot. Make sure that you hold the follow through every time, placing the emphasis on game speed.