Kobe Bryant Jump Shot

learn how to shoot kobe bryant's jump shot

While Kobe’s shot looks like a mimic of Jordan’s jump shot form, it should be noted that that’s not why he consistently gets buckets, but because he’s mastered the form that’s apt for him and for the physics of basketball.

Steph Curry Jump Shot

jump shots like steph curry's

We all know about Steph Curry’s ridiculous jumper, but did you know that in high school, he had to change his form altogether? Like many small(er) guards who have difficulty getting a clean shot off against tighter, taller defenders because they shoot from the hip, literally, Steph Curry came to a crossroads.

Michael Jordan Jump Shot

michael jordan's jump shot completed his offensive game

Jordan over time used the negativity to put and keep himself in the gym and work on his greatest perceived weakness and throughout his career, he became a better, smarter and more effective shooter from the mid-range and beyond.

Peja Stojakovic Jumper

6’9″ Serbian Peja Stojakovic had the ability to catch and shoot or create his own jumper over most small forwards in his prime from virtually any spot in the half court. He particularly excelled at using screens by Chris Webber, or Scot Pollard just to get enough space to launch his shot from over his head. While his shot has