7 Traits of Remarkably Productive Basketball Shooting Workouts

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Shooting is the thing that everyone loves to practices and the time most practice workouts center around. Productive shooting practices, like practice of any endeavors, aren’t counted by the time spent in the gym or the number of shots taken and made, but by the quality of the workout, as gauged by the simulation of in-game situations.

Basketball Shooting Technique & Form

A search for the most perfect technique or the most proper form in shooting a basketball is the most popular on Google by basketball players – guards, forwards and bigs – worldwide, likely stemming from the common textbook advice: that a perfect form and technique is the way to accurate shooting. Examples like the postures of Ray Allen, Kyle Korver and Steph Curry are then dissected and recommended for aspiring marks(wo)men to replicate through practice.

Basketball Shooting Types

basketball shooting types chart

1 point, 2 points and 3 points. All 3 results comes from different types and times of shooting the basketball during a game. Here are the most common shooting types

Michael Jordan Jump Shot

michael jordan's jump shot completed his offensive game

Jordan over time used the negativity to put and keep himself in the gym and work on his greatest perceived weakness and throughout his career, he became a better, smarter and more effective shooter from the mid-range and beyond.