Basketball Ball Review

Basketball Ball Review

My family and I came to Chicago from India on Jan 21, 1995. In the 20 years since, I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on all types of Basketball basketballs. And using them all taught me some interesting things.

SKLZ Rain Maker – Trajectory & Rebounding Basketball Trainer Review

The lateral resistors help develop an explosive first step while increasing your side-to-side quickness for better driving, ball handling and on-ball defense. The reaction belts help increase the reaction speed and time for better man-to-man defense. This really helps you stay in front of the quickest ball handlers.

The Shooting Arm Bandit to Improve Form & Technique [Product Review]

Basketball Shooting Arm Bandit Review

The Shooting Bandit helps directly improves your form so you can shoot a higher percentage. The secret to the Bandit is repetition. It’s designed to control your range of motion in your shooting form. You slide the bandit on your arms and strap the Velcros at points that feel comfortable. It’s that simple! The Bandit