SKLZ Rain Maker – Trajectory & Rebounding Basketball Trainer Review

SKLZ Rain Maker - Trajectory & Rebounding Basketball Trainer ReviewThe SKLZ Basketball Essentials Kit is a complete core basketball training system that comes with 3 components: lateral resistors, reaction belts, and hopz.

The lateral resistors help develop an explosive first step while increasing your side-to-side quickness for better driving, ball handling and on-ball defense. The reaction belts help increase the reaction speed and time for better man-to-man defense. This really helps you stay in front of the quickest ball handlers.

The ankle weights or “Hopz” rounds out the set and are designed to help you increase your vertical. The concept is similar to the Jumpsoles and this works extremely well with the Jump program as a complementary training aid.

Players and coaches, not only in basketball, but also in football, wrestling and tennis even, can benefit from this complete basketball training system because each of these sport requires players to ‘get low’ and use tremendous amounts of lower body strength and explosiveness. The system costs a hundred bucks on Amazon and has received strong/positive reviews from coaches, trainers and players.

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