SKLZ Rapid Fire – Basketball Ball Return Trainer Review

The SKLZ Rapid Fire system is a ball return system with mounting brackets that help secure a net to any rectangular backboard up to 60in. wide so that the ball can easily return to the shooter. It’s essentially a wide net (13 ft wide) so you know it’ll collect and return both makes and misses quickly and easily to the shooter. This helps you save time from the non-value added work during shootarounds. No more chasing rebounds or waiting for a rebounder to dish the ball to you. You can stay in your favorite spots on the court and remain in rhythm as you shoot continuously like a pro without disruption. Because of the net’s width, you can shoot from virtually any angle or distance on the court including the baselines.

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This is best for individual workouts as the entire system does take up a lot of space in the half court.  The 2 outside bases are very mobile so you just have to pick a preferred spot on the floor, adjust the bases and shoot away for hours. This system costs about $100 on Amazon and has 5/5 star ratings and positive reviews from players, coaches and trainers.

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