The Shooting Arm Bandit to Improve Form & Technique [Product Review]

The Shooting Bandit helps directly improves your form so you can shoot a higher percentage. The secret to the Bandit is repetition. It’s designed to control your range of motion in your shooting form. You slide the bandit on your arms and strap the Velcros at points that feel comfortable. It’s that simple!

The Bandit then helps your form by ensuring every shot you take you can only bend the shooting arm up to 90 degrees if you bend it any further you feel a pinch near your elbow.  Players and coaches from all levels can use this shooting aid to help players get the proper shooting form which subsequently leads to more accurate shots boosting the player’s confidence.

The Shooting Bandit costs about $45, very easy to use, helps improve shooting form, and is ambidextrous so it can be used on both arms.

The shooting form doesn’t matter as much as the repetition does. If you can engrave in your muscle memory the exact form and release all the way till the follow-through, you will have a crisp, consistent shot every release. The best way to use it is to start near the rim and then slowly work your way out to the perimeter.

You can also supplement the shooting bandit with the 3-lb Spalding heavy ball.

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