ShotTracker: How it Works


Bruce: Cyclists and runners for years have had devices that monitor their progress and track their improvement, but ballers have been ignored.

Davyeon: When I was in college playing basketball, I shot about a thousand jumpers a day, and I couldn’t tell you how I did yesterday versus, you know, the day before versus the current day. Basketball is a relative sport so I didn’t want to really stop, track my shots, etc.

Bruce: So I was in the backyard teaching my 11-year-old son how to shoot, and we were working on his jump shot going around the world, taking ten shots from each location and backing up a little bit, taking ten more shots. And I was wearing a FuelBand at the time and I thought, well, if I had some piece of technology then we could create a big analytics play and provide a lot of value to shooters who else don’t really keep track of their shot attempts, makes, and misses.

Davyeon: That’s what Shot Tracker does. Shot Tracker provides you the real time data so that you can be actually improving based on measuring that data to become a better basketball shooter.

Bruce: Our adage is, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” Shot Tracker is a wearable tech for basketball. Probably best described as a Fitbit for basketball.

Davyeon: It automatically tracks your basketball shot attempts, makes, and misses, location on the court while providing the basketball player with a real time shooting chart.

Bruce: What we’ve done is created a chip that we put inside the shooter’s sleeve on a wrist band. That detects shot attempts, and then there’s a similar piece of technology on the net. That detects the ball traveling through the net; hence, a goal scored. And then we infer misses. Someone is going to do this, and we’ve got the skills and expertise to bring it to market first and to have a customer experience that delights the basketball shooter.

Davyeon: We’re really about to revolutionize the game of basketball and how statistics is being tracked.

Bruce: One of the most exciting things that has surfaced once we started Shot Tracker was every level of the game has approached us, from the baller who’s just learning how to shoot, to the NBA player who’s continuously refining and improving on their shot. It’s for everyone!