ShotTracker Review


Davyeon: When it comes to shooting, most kids are practicing without a purpose. How do you know you’re getting better, and how are you collecting the data to prove it? Just like in business, you have to have structure, focus, and metrics. And basketball is no different. Other sports have had devices to track their performance for years, but basketball hasn’t had anything until now.

Bruce: The ShotTracker is going to tell the shooter how many shots they’ve attempted and how many shots they’ve made. That information gets uploaded. They can see exactly where on the court that they’re hot, where they need more work. They can see how they’re improving.

Davyeon: When you’re shooting, the only thing you should be focused on is making that next shot.

Ryan: Having the ability to track every guy on our team, the number of shots taken in a summer, and to be able to compare a guy to another guy, the work ethic, and the ability to compete against each other in that regard goes miles. We’ve got all these statistics right there in front of us.

Bruce: The ShotTracker has three components. The wrist sensor measures the attempted shot, the net sensor measures the make, and then those work in conjunction with the mobile app to provide the statistics.

Davyeon: The app is the heart of the solution. It communicates with both devices. ShotTracker allows you to track your shots, analyze your accuracy, and even challenge your friends. The app has a global leader board to compare your skill with the rest of the world along with structured workouts to keep you focused, and we’ve even added gamification principles and heavy social integration. For those of you who aren’t training for the next championship game, you can also take advantage of the app and challenge your friends across the globe with drills and shooting games.

Billy: You know the NBA is a copycat league. If one team has ShotTracker, by the following year seven or eight teams will have ShotTracker. Nobody wants to have anything that’s going to affect my shot. It has to be sleek. It has to be invisible and allow you to continue to work on getting better as a shooter.

Bruce: ShotTracker is going to improve the game of basketball globally. You cannot improve what you do not measure.

Davyeon: We’ve been working extremely hard on a prototype, and we’re now ready to show ShotTracker to the world. Our mission is a ShotTracker on every net.